Who Benefits Most

There are three of nine Psychographic Profiles that really find value and appreciate our service model. Do any of these describe the way you think?

Family Stewards:  You stress the importance of taking care of the needs of you family more than anything else.  Your focus of concern is how money should be managed to meet your family’s life cycle needs such as education, retirement, travel and wealth transfer.  Investing is viewed from a longer term perspective.

Financial Phobics:  You do not like investing or the business of personal finance and will avoid being directly involved in making investments.  Gaining knowledge and learning about investing and discussing investments does not interest you.  Finding a competent, trustworthy investment advisor and delegating authority to make investment decisions is the approach where you are most comfortable.

Independents:  You seek lifestyle independence and consider focusing on investments as a necessary evil to achieve lifestyle independence.  However, you will become involved in the process if you think it is necessary to achieve your goals.  Focus on the future and early retirement may be a personal goal.  Successful investing provides a sense of personal freedom and relieves you from financial worries.  Your investment decisions buy you personal autonomy, the thing you value most.

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