Investment Due Diligence

The fiduciary responsibility of plan sponsors has never been more intense. The demand for plan return never greater. When you work with us, you gain the benefit of our Investment Due Diligence process, and our proprietary ScorecardSM System with the potential to improve plan performance. With these tools in hand, we are qualified to formulate and deliver plan recommendations that are informed and impartial, and competitive to any offered by frontline teams at the largest investment institutions. With a critical eye, we continuously navigate for positive plan outcomes using comprehensive technology, software and systems. And, on your behalf:

  • Conduct In-depth Analysis with the Exclusive Investment ScorecardSM Generator System
  • Rank Hundreds of Funds, Managers and Strategies with Automated Precision
  • Monitor Asset Allocation Funds and Models
  • Tap into the Thorough Analysis of our CFA-Led Research Team

Your investment review meetings run smoothly. You know where you stand on returns, fees, and competitive services with comprehensive reports. And, our CFA-authored quarterly market review keeps you current on economic conditions.