RFP/Fee Benchmarking

Plan sponsors face intense scrutiny by Congress, the Department of Labor and their own employees. As a fiduciary, you seek the caliber of counsel that will lock in your ability to manage the high risk responsibilities of benchmarking fees and services, making crucial plan decisions, and reducing plan costs. Annual reviews, requests for proposals, fee disclosures, vendor benchmarking and investment analysis are all demands that require prudent risk management. Few sponsors can afford to work alone. One way to protect yourself, your company and plan participants is to select a top-level consulting team with market-specific expertise and credentials.


Thorough Analysis, Streamline Process

You automatically acquire an insider's advantage because you are able to draw from our powerful knowledge database where we store thousands of accurate data points on more than 40 different retirement plan vendors. We can then present a side-by-side comparison of vendors for an accurate picture of where you stand relative to the marketplace.

Measure the suitability of plan fees, services and investments with reasonable certainty. Trust that we thoroughly examine a wide range of benchmark indicators including, in part:

  • Recordkeeping
  • Technology Services
  • Employee Communication
  • Compliance
  • Investment Management

Total Cost Analysis

For extra protection, we conduct a Total Plan Cost Analysis to ensure that plan assets are not eroded by hidden fees or poor returns. Better still, we integrate investment platform rankings from our extensive Investment Due Diligence process for improved analysis.

Armed with the right information, you can either validate your decision to remain with an existing plan provider. Or, uncover justifiable reasons to move to an alternative provider. And do it with confidence. We are independent and impartial; a partner you can trust for the future.