Fiduciary Compliance & Plan Design

We prefer to be in front of clients not our computers.  That’s why you can expect superior plan support and personal attention throughout the relationship.  Your protection against risk, loss and liability is our predominant concern.

We have purposely designed and organized Plan Support Services around individual sponsor needs and preferences which results in a rich mix of resources and solutions.  For example:

  • Total Plan Design Review and Analysis
  • Complete Fiduciary Compliance Documentation
  • Fee Disclosures and Participant Notices
  • Investment Policy Statement Template
  • Employer Newsletters and Employee Memos

Few other solutions offer as complete a fiduciary compliance program as what we provide.  Your plan undergoes a 57-point compliance checklist, fiduciary investment review, plan design report, everything required for a complete compliance with full ERISA documentation.

Next, you’ll appreciate the sophistication of the technology platform with its multiple benefits.  Receive fast, accurate answers to your questions because critical data is at our fingertips.  Protected and secure.  What’s more, you can log onto our portal to view work on your behalf through our proprietary Fiduciary BriefcaseTM.

Best Practices

Perhaps, the most important contribution we can bring to the relationship is extensive knowledge of Best Practices.   Whether you need to fill gaps in your own knowledge or help your benefit committee adhere to best practices-the best and right defense against fiduciary liability-count on our guidance and commitment.

And, with protection comes trust.

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