Danielle Fogg

Administrative Associate

"Some of our clients come to us initially with anxiety about their finances. A truly gratifying part of my job is relieving that anxiety and replacing it with confidence and comfort. And all of that comes from something very personal. It's my unwavering belief in the Golden Rule: "Treat others as you would have them treat you.'"

Danielle has put that belief and dedication to practical use for over ten years now as an administrative professional in a variety of fields. They include property management, technology and legal services, as well as the mortgage and loan industry with Residential Mortgage Services prior to her employment at Pension Professionals. 

Danielle's impressive resume, attitude and skills make her an outstanding fit for the values and beliefs that Pension Professionals puts into practice every day. 

"The focus on personal relationships here at Pension Professionals really sets us apart from others in the industry," says Danielle. "We recognize that financial planning is so much more than money. It's tied to our clients' hopes and dreams, and the security needed to make those dreams a reality."

Danielle grew up in South Portland and majored in Business Administration & Technology at Southern Maine Community College. Her husband, six cats and a bull terrier named Sonny occupy much of her spare time. She also enjoys camping, going to the beach, yoga and taking her mom to the movies.