How Playing the Long Game Could Help Build Wealth and Success

Roland Gagne |

Many extremely wealthy people have a much better handle than others on a key concept of
success: the long game.

The long game means having a concrete vision of your ideal future down the road—years or
even decades from now—and taking specific, carefully considered action steps at every stage
along the way to maximize your ability to get there.

Unfortunately, we find that most people don’t effectively plot out their financial futures, or lay out
a clear and actionable path to follow. As a result, people often come up with scenarios that are
as unrealistic as they are attractive—fantasies that stand little chance of becoming reality.

The upshot: It’s probably time to honestly assess how well you’re doing at both creating a
detailed vision of your ideal long-term future and acting in ways that consistently move you
toward that result. That’s true whether you’re trying to get wealthier through investing, earn a
higher salary or retire on your terms.

These guidelines can help you get on track!

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