That's A Wrap 2020

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Every year around this time I sit down to craft a letter wishing you joy and happiness around the holidays and the shift to a new year. This year feels substantially different. This year feels like it requires something deeper, and perhaps even more personal, than mere wishes of good tidings. 2020 feels like it requires recognition.

Please know that I recognize that you’ve had to make personal, professional, or business sacrifices this year. I understand that this year may have included physical, mental and emotional stress. That it may not have been the year of joy and happiness that I wished for you at this time last year. Let me also recognize that you and your organization are still here. And that I recognize the efforts all have made to be so. If you did have to sacrifice, allow me to wish that the sacrifice pays off down the road.

2020 has been a year of change, of pivoting, of evolution.  I recognize that all of those elements may at times be maddening. We have all conducted ourselves in a manner to best adapt to the changing landscape. I wish that the changes be recognized for newly created efficiencies and growth, for where they’ve spurred creativity within our lives and businesses, and for prosperity to blossom out of the necessity therefor.


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